Yo Kayne, I’ma Let You Finish, But Taylor Swift Has One Of The Best Videos Of All Time (Okay Of 2017)

And I’m really happy for her right now. Despite all the shade that was thrown last week. This video is dope.

No seriously, I’m not joking here. This isn’t about to turn into some “I hate Taylor” rant. I swear! I honestly think Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video is dope AF. Shit I watched it two times in a row, in full screen mode, just to make sure I wasn’t tripping. (I wasn’t.) It’s really, really good. I might watch it again. Lol

I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, but this, this is pure magic!

Taylor Swift look what you made me do

I honestly logged onto YouTube and watched the video a few days ago because it popped up on the news again and I thought “aw, hell, Taylor Swift is STILL trending?” So of course, as someone who says they love music, I had to watch it right? Lol I’m not on anyone’s payroll right now, so I don’t have an excuse not to keep up with what’s going on in the music world anymore. Lol

Whatever. It was dope.

She basically took everything people said about her, along with all her previous songs and made it into one big video. She even made fun of herself for always playing the victim. And of course, she’s been called a snake and a b*tch so that comes up in the video to. The concept of this video is uh-mazing!

The concept of this video is uh-mazing! I mean, the song isn’t … but the video is.

I mean, the song isn’t … but the video is. Hell, the song won’t be on heavy rotation anywhere, especially not on my iPod. (Do people still listen to music from their iPod? Lol I mean I don’t I just liked the way that sounded while I was typing it out. *le shrug*)

Oh and the chorus of this song sucks! Like, it just ruins the entire song. The hook is cool, the beat is fine, and then the chorus comes on and I’m just like shoot me now!

Why did you have to ruin a perfectly good song, Taylor?

But what ever. Can we talk about her make up in that jewel scene pictured above though! It’s f*cking flawless! I can see why she’s famous, despite the fact that y’all hate her so damn much. She’s talented. ( I mean, we all knew that before we watched the video though.) Oh, you haven’t watched the video? Well then, by all means, please do …

Now let’s discuss! What’d you think? Did you hate it? Love it? It’s okay, you can tell me. Comment below and let me know. Then do us both a favor and share this post on your Facebook or Twitter so we can see what your friends think!