Wait, Did Lil Yachty Just Open A Pizzeria In NYC?

Not quite actually, but this is almost just as good.

Lil Yachty didn’t actually open his own pizzeria here in NYC.  (I apologize if I almost gave you a heart attack just now.) But he did partner with Ben’s Pizzeria in Soho, to offer fans (and pizza lovers) a limited edition slice called “The Lil Yachty”. Which of course comes with a special edition pizza box, so you know, you can save your slice in it …

Okay, I’m clearly joking, please don’t do that. (This isn’t another episode of Arthur. You are not Buster Baxter. I repeat you are not Buster Baxter. Just eat ya damn pizza, man.) However, Lil Yachty will also be selling merchandise at Ben’s Pizzeria as well. So don’t forget to grab a new hat or t-shirt while you’re waiting for your pizza.

Lil Yatchty Pizzeria

Now, I’m not posting this because I like Lil Yachty’s music, hell … I still cringe every time I hear his voice on his stupid ass commercial! But I’m no idiot either. This is smart marketing here and I HAVE to commend him and his team for such a great idea.

Just think about this for a second.

Who listens to him the most? (The “stupid” generation right? The one with no musical taste these days? Lol I mean, the younger generation … think kids that are still in grade school, perhaps.) Now what do those kids all love? Pizza! Duh!

But I’m no idiot … This is smart marketing here and I HAVE to commend him and his team for such a great idea.

If you can’t see the genius behind this move, you’re clearly not a marketing communications major like, moi. Lol But no seriously, despite whether you hate his music or not, you have to admit this is smart AF. So shout out to you Mr. Yachty!

Lil Yatchty Pizzeria

Now unfortunately, I have mom duty for the next few days, sorry I should just say for the next 13 years of my life. Lol So I won’t be able to run down to Soho and grab a slice. I wish I could though, because I get the feeling the pizza is probably great! So if one of you can just run on down there and grab me a slice, a special edition pizza box, and a t-shirt that would be great! Here’s the details incase you decide to be nice:

August 25 – 26, 2017
Open Daily, 12pm – 7pm
(While supplies last.)
Ben’s Pizzeria Soho, NYC
177 Spring St, NY, NY 10012


Now, tell me … are you really a Lil Yatchy fan or are you just in this for the pizza? Leave a comment below and let me know. When you’re done, don’t forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can join you for a Yatchy slice!