Wafel n Dinges Just Became My New Summer Obsession Along With These Five Other Things

A few weeks ago my little sister introduced me to Wafel n Dinges and I’ve been hooked ever since! Here’s what else I’m completely obsessed with.

Let’s start with how amazing Wafel n Dinges really is. I’m currently annoyed at everyone I know that’s ever tasted the joy Wafel n Dinges brings, that failed to tell me about NYC’s greatest treasure. I mean, how could you possibly fail to tell someone about something so amazing? Hell, I created an entire website just to do this very task.

But I won’t dwell on the fact that clearly nobody loves me.

Instead, we’ll talk about how Wafel n Dinges manages to turn breakfast into a desert that can be eaten at any given moment. Forget pancakes! (Sorry IHOP.) Belgium waffles are now my greatest pleasure, ever. Until of course, I find my soul mate and marry my husband. (But that’s a whole different kind of pleasure, so we shall proceed.)

wafel n dinges

Honestly, I’ve known about Wafel n Dinges for years now. However, when I first found out about it, no one really explained to me what it really was. I guess it’s my fault I didn’t do more research. But I also couldn’t afford to shell out ten bucks on, what I thought was, “just a waffle”. So despite seeing the carts, and the mini pop up stores all over Manhattan, I just wasn’t interested. Now I’m singing a whole different tune. But …

Wafel n Dinges isn’t the only thing I’m obsessed with.

Actually, there’s five more things that bring me great joy. (None that could ever replace Wafel n Dinges, of course.) However, here’s my five other obsessions for this summer.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but Ebates is the shit! No like seriously. I was skeptical too when I first heard about it. I mean who the hell is really paying someone to shop? *insert side eye here* But I figured, it wouldn’t hurt to try right? Then a few weeks ago, I got $30 back, just for buying something I totally needed (blog related) online!

Plus, I only had to pay $0.99 for it! All because of Ebates! I was pretty much jumping for joy. So yeah, I’m shopping online all summer long! I suggest you sign up for Ebates (by clicking this link) and do the same! You’ll get $10 just for signing up. You can thank me later. Or, sign up right now, come back and thank me right now! (Isn’t that what my comments section below is for?)

the body shop body butter mango

The Body Shop’s Mango Body Butter

Which moisturizes my face so well, I don’t even need make up! (Not that I wear it daily, anyway.) But if I did, I wouldn’t need to. I swear this body butter feels like it’s perfectly tinted just for me. Each and every time I use it, my face becomes a perfectly golden brown. This body butter seems to act as a tinted facial moisturizer, which of course it’s not. But, for the price, I’ll take it!

Spotify Today’s Top Hits Radio Station

I’ve never been a fan of radio stations, but lately I’ve been listening to Spotify Radio on the train, on my way to work, and it’s pretty much changed my life. It’s literally the reason I two step to work, or why I don’t commit murder during my commute. (Because even when it’s not rush hour, commuting in NYC is hell.)

However, Spotify’s Top Hits Radio Station also helps me stay on top of what’s “trending” in the music world. I pretty much need a personal assistant to constantly keep my iTunes updated, and since I can’t afford that lavish lifestyle (yet), Spotify does the trick! Oh and as soon as I start working full time, I’m totally getting Spotify Premium. (Having to listen to Miley Cyrus today because I had no more skips left, almost made me throw my phone across the room.)


Chipotle Steak Burritos

With black beans, corn salsa, red chili salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, of course. (Xnay on the rice, ay.) Chipotle is another “new found love” of mine. I was pretty darn reluctant to try it a few months ago because I don’t really trust Spanish food that’s not cooked in a Spanish household.

However, I decided to check it out with my boss one day after work, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I actually started off with a burrito bowl, because for some odd reason I always thought Burritos were disgusting. So when I found out how good Chipotle really was, I decided to take it up a notch and try it all in a burrito. Let’s just say, I’ll be eating this at least once a week this summer!

butter London lipstick

Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick in Lucky

I had the pleasure of receiving this lipstick from a pr brand last year to review, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s the absolute perfect shade of nude for me, that it’s literally become my go-to color. I wear it pretty much every single day. Plus it smells amazing! I’ll have a full review of this lipstick up pretty soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!

But now that my hour long speech is over, how about you tell me what you’re currently obsessed with in a comment below? K, thanks! (And that wasn’t really a question. I’m not actually asking. It’s more like begging. So please? Thanks!)

  • I love Wafels and Dinges! I literally stalked their food truck when I was pregnant with RJ and now they have a location in the city! It’s sooooo good. Anything is good with Nutella though.

    • Sanaa Brooks

      Girl yes! The one we went to is by the pier but there are 2 more locations. That’s gonna be our summer spot. I can’t wait to go back.