Can You Be Popular Despite Being Freakishly Ugly?

How is it that some thrive because they’re beautiful, while others can get away with being freakishly ugly? Keep reading below to find out.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that some people become popular because of their looks, while others become popular, despite how ugly they may be. Yet, I can’t seem to wrap my finger around the how. How did they become so popular despite being so damn ugly? If you haven’t guessed what I’m talking about yet, let me put your mind to ease. This post isn’t actually about people, it’s about websites. To be more specific, popular blogs!

There are tons of blogs that are famous, yet look absolutely disgusting.

Their fonts are off, the photos aren’t aligned properly, the look of the website itself is just complete trash. Yet somehow each month, people still flock to these sites to read what they’ve written. And as a (much) smaller blogger, who is a perfectionist, and needs her site to look “on point” at every waking moment. I can’t seem to figure out how these blogs thrive despite being so visually unappealing.

Let’s use, as an example. When I opened up their website today, this is what I immediately saw:

media take out

Their site is bombarded with so many darn ads, all horribly placed, that it’s been about two to three minutes, and they still haven’t all finished loaded. Yet, as their headline notes, this is one of the most visited sites in the world! So how is it that blogs like these, can still bring in so many damn views? Actually, I don’t have a damn clue.

Despite how much time we put into making things look pretty, sometimes it’s really not all about visuals.

However, I say all of this to say that, it’s not about looks. Despite how much time we put into making things look pretty, sometimes it’s really not all about visuals. Yes, you should want your site to look amazing, and represent you as a person, especially if you have a personal blog. However, spending thousands of dollars for a website, when there are blogs with tons of traffic that look like the above, isn’t necessary!

What we really need to focus on, is our content.

Hell, your blog post titles should be more important than your blog visuals, because that’s what makes people click. Your title is what makes people read! (Let’s be honest, how many of you only clicked this article because you thought I was about to go off on how ugly someone was, and you were coming here to either defend them, or to just read the gossip? Comment below and let me know, because if I had seen this post, I’d be clicking to read the gossip too.) See my point?

Not everything is all about looks.

I guess that’s why some “people” can get away with being “ugly” and others can’t. So from me (the editor) to you, focus on what’s really important this year! Whether that’s your blogs content and titles, or your end of the year goals. Let’s stop worrying about how we look to others, and let’s worry about the value we provide instead. (Because isn’t that the real reason is so darn popular? Because they provide value to their readers?)

Are there any other reasons “people” become so popular, despite being so “ugly”. List them in a comment below and let me know. Then share this post with your friends using the buttons below to get their opinion on this matter as well.