Treat Yo’ Self To “Better Things” This Year Like A Free Blowout Or A 2-For-1 Broadway Show

Oh hell, why not just throw in a few Ballet shows for $15 (per ticket) while you’re at it! I know I will.

If you haven’t already heard, FX Networks “cool” mom show, Better Things, starts its new season next week Thursday, Sept 14 at 10pm and to help promote the show, they’ve invited a ton of Better Things fans (including me) to celebrate with a free blowout at participating Drybars. Ironically, the main character of the show, Sam Fox, is a single mother of 3 girls, who can barely find enough time to dry her own hair, let alone visit a salon for an actual blowout. Watch:


Funny enough, I was catching up on Season 1 on Hulu this morning, and in one of the episodes Sam meets a homeless lady, who tells Sam that she needs to take a day off to pamper herself. I mean she told her to go get her hair done so she could meet a nice man, which I highly disapprove of because … you gon’ like me when my hair’s a mess or you can get lost! But I do agree with the “moms should pamper themselves” statement.

You gon’ like me when my hair’s a mess or you can get lost!

But as a single mother of a 5-year-old myself, it’s hard enough balancing life, school and a blog. Trying to be pretty 24/7 on top of all that just ain’t happening! I wish it was, but it ain’t. However, women all around the world, not just mothers have to remember that, we deserve nice things too! Women tend to look out for everyone around them, except for themselves, and that has to change. (Because unless you’re married to a very nice man, ain’t nobody looking out for you, boo. Ain’t nobody but ya god damn self!)

better things fx

So when FX Networks invited me to their event, I jumped on it. Not just because I love their show … because let’s be real for a second here, Sam’s life is a mess and it’s hilarious. But it’s also 10x better to watch someone’s life be a mess, than to have your life be a mess. It’s also a great distraction when you’re life is a mess. I mean I was fired a few weeks ago, and my birthday on Saturday just reminded me of how many actual friends I have. (Nada.) But I refused to let it get to me like it usually does. Watching this show kind of helps. We’re often showed “perfect lives” on TV and especially on social media, so it’s a great change to watch a show where they don’t have it all together.

It’s 10x better to watch someone’s life be a mess, than to have your life be a mess.

Anywho, Sam and her new friend got me thinking that I should probably follow the old lady’s advice too. I’ve been dying to indulge in the arts more this year, and my daughter has been dying to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway so guess what …

I went and bought those damn tickets!

I bought us tickets to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway thanks to their 2 for 1 special, that ends on Sept 17, and I bought us tickets to see two different dance shows that’s a part of the Fall For Dance Festival, which includes an Alvin Ailey performance. I’m psyched! Not only is this our first Broadway show and first Alvin Ailey performance, but it will also be our first Ballet! My daughter is dying to take ballet classes, so I can’t wait! We saw Leap on Sat. and she left the movie theater twirling. Lol

fx networks better things dry bar event

Okay, okay … I know what you’re thinking, if I’m inviting my daughter to all of this, how is this mommy time? But trust me, it’s all good! I’ll be alone at the Drybar (pictured above) when I get my complementary blowout (thanks to FX Networks), and the day after I’ll be at Bowlmor lanes for a complementary night of bowling. (More on that later! Or just add me on Snapchat “viciousquipster” to follow along.) Oh, plus I’m going to an art exhibit this week too! See, I’m fine!

Now the real question is how are you going to #treatyoself to better things this year? Comment below and let me know. Whether it’s a broadway show for you and your loved one, a day at the hair salon, or even a face mask at home with a glass of tequila. (Yeah, I have that lined up too. Lol) Make sure you set aside some time for yourself this year to enjoy life. We only have 3 more months, so make it count!

  • Oooooo I’m jealous I could use a blowout! But I can’t wait to go bowling 🤗

    • That’s what you get for being a working mom! LOL (That was the best comeback I could come up with. This is sad! LOL) But yes! Remind me to cut my nails before we go. Last time I went, I broke my nail. LOL

  • I’ve started treating myself to some traveling and scheduling at least one kid-free night out while I’m traveling. I’m so blessed that my family can tag along and my mom usually hangs back to babysit the kids. Also, I love treating myself to books!

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment *side eyes wordpress and email notifications* but that’s so cool! I love books too! (My sis just bought some and I tried to steal one of them. LOL Don’t judge me.) But I totally need to read a few this Fall. If there’s anything you love, feel free to pass those suggestions this way. 😄