This Is How You Settle Your Rap Beef! Hip Hop Artists Take Notes

Did two soca artists really battle it out today on Instagram? Watch the videos below and find out.

A few minutes ago, I decided to scroll through my Instagram feed, where I happened to stumble upon a video of one of my favorite soca artists. Normally I don’t pay much attention to videos on Instagram, but something inside of me tonight made me stop, look, and turn the sound on. That’s when I realized that, not only can Skinny Fabulous freestyle… he was also taking shots at another soca artist, Lyrikal.

So I decided to check out how the “beef” really started.

What you’ll see below, is not two artists merely looking for bloodshed, and spitting lines that cut the deepest. *ahem* (Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. *cough cough*) What you see here, is two friends who clearly had a disagreement, and only knew of one way to solve their issue: music. Check out their “argument” below:

☄️🔫🔫🔫 #WeDohGoDownSoEz #AllyuhMadAwah

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My reply message to @iamlyrikalace Golden State we say!! #goldenstate #warriors #warriorsvscavs

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Aye @djstephenmusic @teddysonjohn tell @skinnyfabulous doh come back #Warning❗️

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Care to say who won? (Comment below and let me know!)

However, the point of this is not to figure out who had the best lines, but in fact, to show you that it’s completely possible to have “beef”, use it for your own personal gain (check out the advertisement of Skinny’s event coming up above in their captions) and have a friendly competition, all without having to curse or dish out someone’s dirty laundry. Imagine a world where artists simply responded to one another with rhymes, instead of hurtful facts.

Because let’s face it, Remy Ma’s lines would have been trash had they not been so hurtful.

Those beats and her delivery were definitely wack! Fight me. Yet, here are two “young” (mi sorry, allyuh know allyuh not young but mi just ah try fuh mek it seem like allyuh not so old, lol) men disagreeing about sports without the bloodshed. I’ve seen way too many small arguments turn into fights, not to praise these two for something most men their age can’t seem to accomplish.

P.s – I’m still in utter shock that these two soca artists freestyle ten times better than these young “rappers”, despite rap not being their true profession. Whether you’re into soca music or not, you have to give props where it’s due.

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