These “Don’t Care” Dr. Martens x Lazy OAF Shoes Are To Die For (But So Are These Other 9 Boots + Bags)

You can’t tell me this Dr. Martens x Lazy Oaf collab wasn’t specifically made for us New Yorkers, son.

Disclaimer: While this post is not sponsored by Dr. Martens, these photos do belong to them and I take no credit for them. (These shoes are cute though, right?! Okay, I’m sorry … carry on. Lol)

The first pair of Dr. Martens I bought.

A few years ago, I fell in love with my first pair of Dr. Martens. They weren’t mine of course, but I drooled over them nonetheless. You see, my college roommate at the time, had a pair of all black Dr. Martens and I silently envied her each time she pranced around on campus in them. Back then, as a broke ass college student, I couldn’t afford a regular pair of shoes, let alone a pair of Dr. Martens.

At least that’s what I thought.

One day I stumbled upon Karmaloop’s website, searching for Lord only knows what, when I fell in love, again! I wasn’t much of a pink person, but these boots were calling my name, and for $85 they were a steal! I bought them right there and then. And when they finally came, my little sister and big brother made fun of me for them, and labeled them my “barbie pink boots“. Not that I cared! I was way too in love with my boots to care what anyone else thought. (Plus these were the same siblings that called me ugly, even when I was cute, so who the hell cared if they didn’t like the color of my boots!)

To my surprise, my Dr. Martens turned out to be worth every penny, bruise and joke that came my way.

To my surprise, my Dr. Martens turned out to be worth every penny, bruise and joke (or compliment) that came my way. Not only were they cute as hell, but they were also weather proof. I’m talking ’bout, rain and snow baby! How many boots do you own (that are cute AF) that you can proudly say you can wear them in the sun or snow? Exactly!

Dr. Martens

I don’t care how “ugly” you thought these boots were, and clearly neither does Dr. Martens or Lazy Oaf, which is a London based clothing brand I’m determined to purchase something from now. *insert evil laugh here*  Because with cute hearts, glitter, and metallic finishes, this years Dr. Martens fall collection is just perfect.

Here are 10 gorgeous Dr. Martens boots + bags I need this fall:

1. Lazy Oaf 1461Dr. Martens

Of course I would start this list off with my new favs from this years Dr. Martens x Lazy Oaf collaboration. If you’re wondering what you should get for my birthday this year (ahem, Sept 9th) this would be it right here. I’m a size 10, thank you. Lol However, these red hearts paired with the “don’t care” text on the back speak to me. It’s pretty much my life summed up in a pair of shoes! I need these, now! (Or at least in time for V Day. Lol)

2. Silver Santos Metallic PascalDr. Martens

There’s honestly not much I can say about these boots, other than “I want these”. They’re absolutely stunning! Crazy thing is, I’ve been craving shiny silver shoes all summer, but I haven’t bought a pair yet. So these may be it!

3. Persephone Wine Soft Buck

Dr. Martens heeled boots

So are you really gonna act like you don’t want these bad boys? (It ain’t just me, is it?) I mean I’ve always had a thing for platforms + chunky heels. (Actually I won’t wear heels that aren’t chunky. I’m too damn clumsy for stilettos. Lol) But this wine suede is smooth!

4. 1460 Indigo Soft Buck

Dr. Martens

Why do these boots pull on my heart strings so? *le sigh* At first my color blind ass thought these were green, but you know, after reading the actual name of the color, I came to the conclusion that … I was … adding these god damn shoes to my god damn list because I need these too! (You didn’t think I was going to say I was wrong did you? Lol)

5. Rainbow Multi Glitter 1461Dr. Martens

This is actually the pair of shoes that started my recently “new” founded obsession with Dr. Martens, which of course led to this post. I was honestly just scrolling through my Facebook timeline like an innocent bystander at a bar fight, when I got hit in the head with this great idea that these shoes would look dope with an all black outfit.

6. Lazy Oaf Jungle Boot

Dr. Martens

And just like their “Don’t Care” pair, Dr. Martens and Lazy Oaf strike again, with another pair of boots that were (clearly) made for walking … up and down these … steps! Lol Because we all know my life is boring. #bloggerproblems #issajoke #duh

7. Metallic Mini Backpack

Dr. Martens

I honestly don’t even know what I would put in this thang. (I pretty much carry my entire life in my bag, so this is clearly too small for me.) I just want it because it’s cute and shiny. Lol Listen, I already know I have problems, save the eye rolling for yo mama. Shit. Lol

8. Black Fine Canvas Backpack

Dr. Martens

There’s something about how simple this back pack is that keeps calling me. I know you’re looking at this thang, like um … ma’am, this ish is just a plain black book bag. But it’s not! It’s never that simple. Ask yo man! (Okay, I’m joking … don’t do that. Lol)

9. Charro Brando Leather Laptop Case

Dr. Martens

My need for a laptop bag disappeared recently when I purchased my new MacBook Pro (with the touch bar, ayeee, lol) because it’s now small enough to fit into my purse. However I also just bought a cute book bag from Just Fab, that holds my MacBook perfectly. So there’s absolutely no reason I should be staring at this $256 laptop bag, right? Wrong damn it, wrong! I want this too. (I don’t know what for, but I want it. Lol)

10. Lazy Oaf Heart Satchel

Dr. Martens heart satchel

I’m not one for shaped bags, or even for bags that must be worn on my shoulder, because I’m just saditty like that, and I gotta wear it on my arm so I can, you know, hold it a certain way. Lol Strut, strut, pose. (I’m kidding, I’m not about that life.) But every time I look at this bag, I hear it whispering, buy me. So yeah … buy me this! Thanks. Lol

Once you’re done adding these 10 items to your cart, so you can ship them to me of course, make sure you also share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, so they can see how cute the new Dr. Martens fall collection is. (Don’t forget, I’m a size 10! Stop judging my big feet and just share this post. Dang. Lol)