Male Rompers May Be This Summer’s Hottest Trend

When I logged onto Facebook a few days ago and saw at least five different posts on my timeline, all bashing the “latest fashion trend”, aka male rompers. I just had to see it for myself. My reaction?

Why the hell not? I don’t see how wearing a shirt and pants sewn together is flaring up such a storm, when people wear shirts and pants together, all the damn time. Relax, people! He’s not wearing a dress. (Although, I’ve seen a few shirts long enough to be considered dresses over the last few months. Yet I haven’t heard a single dime drop about this latest trend.)

So why is there such an uproar over male rompers?

I’m especially shocked at the fact that it’s not just our frail, egotistic, and homophobic community, of men, that are opposing. Women, as well, are quite afraid, of this new trend taking off. Yet, despite all of the memes spreading like wild-fire in an attempt to ridicule, what seems like a damn good idea, I can’t chime in and oppose. I mean, how could I when Cam Newton seems to make this new trend look so damn good?


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Although, what Cam is wearing above isn’t actually a male romper, the look is still very close to what will eventually become trendy in the future. (And there’s absolutely no way I’m saying no to this trend.) However, even if the male rompers that are released later on this year, only look like the ones RompHim are producing, I still wouldn’t throw a tantrum over it. They’re cute. (If worn correctly.) And I actually think I know quite a few well dressed men that could possibly pull this look off.

The look itself seems well put together, and the colors are absolutely beautiful.

But whether you’re here for this new look or not, it’s definitely happening! ACED Design, the fellows behind the RompHim, have surpassed their initial funding goal of $10,000, way before their campaign is due. With 23 days left to spare, they’ve already received nearly $350,000, from over 2,900 backers. That’s over 2,900 men (and/or women) who truly believe in this new trend, and want to wear male rompers this summer. Still think these Chi-town men are absolutely insane? Sound off below and leave a comment letting me know. If you have a problem with men wearing rompers, I want to hear from you and I want to know why! Let’s discuss this.