Machel Montano, Lyrikal And Skinny Fabulous Bring Soca To Times Square

And it was a freaking blast! Please note that I attended this event, complimentary, as press, in exchange for my review, however all opinions expressed below are of my own.

DJ Young Chow started off the show and I must say, as beautiful as he is, after about five minutes of him prancing around on stage, I was ready for him to go sit down so the real show could begin. I honestly just wanted to see Machel, Lyrikal and Skinny perform. DJ Young Chow could have been standing right next to me and I wouldn’t have cared. Despite the fact that I’ve always wanted to see him up close, in person, since high school. But on this night, it felt like his opening “performance” would never end. Here’s a minute from, what felt like an hour, of his opening set:

After, what felt like an eternity, Soca music legend, Machel Montano finally came out and lit the stage on fire. Here’s a clip of him performing, Like Ah Boss:

Next up was Skinny Fabulous! I was so excited to see him perform for the first time, because he’s from the same country my parents are from, St. Vincent. Although, I’m still trying to figure out if we’re related, and if he can send me a signed copy of his new album or some tickets to a show, or something, you know, since we’re cousins and all? *insert chuckle here*)

Then came Lyrikal!

After turning things up with Skinny and Lyrikal, Machel slows it down a bit and performs One More Wine, accompanied by drums from Africa and India and his itty bitty ukulele. (The same one he used in the movie.) During the song, while we were all singing one more wine, someone next to me goes, “one more wine? I need a one dance!” Lawd bless his soul! (And yours, if you don’t get that musical reference.)

During the song, someone next to me goes, “one more wine? I need a one dance!”

But will someone please tell this millennial to go sit down. This is not a Drake concert! Ugh! But what ever, if you don’t watch this video for anything else, please watch to see this amazing little girl perform for her very first time on stage. (Or you can just stare at the beautiful young man, not to far from her, on the right.) Which ever you prefer.

The last thing I got to see, before being dragged home unwillingly by a certain someone, was Machel’s co-star, Natalie Perera, dance with him on stage. I guess she learned a lot more than just the Trini accent while they made this movie, huh? Check out her new dancing skills below:

As you can see I definitely had a blast! But does anyone know if Angela Hunte performed? She was supposed to, but I don’t have a clue if she did because my friend and I were forced to leave at 12:30am. Even though the show wasn’t supposed to end until 1. Either way it was still great nonetheless, and I definitely can’t wait to see them perform live again. I honestly couldn’t tear myself away despite having to be up for work at 5am that very morning.

But it was totally worth it! Trust me.

If you still haven’t seen the movie, Bazodee, check out for more information on where it’s still showing. The movie was just as great as the after party, but ten times funnier. So make sure you go see it. But until then, feel free to watch these videos over and over again, until you feel like you were actually there.

Then tell me who your favorite soca artist is in a comment below, and if you’ve ever seen them perform live. Go! And if you’re the founder, artist, marketing representative or pr associate of a music festival, concert or live event reading this, email me at, so we can discuss your next upcoming event.