Is Trump A Disgrace To The American Flag? You Tell Me!

Let’s discuss this in the comments below, once you’ve read my thoughts and formulated your own opinions, because I’d love to know what you think.

If you haven’t noticed, today is Flag Day, and while many use this day to celebrate their own birth place, or their heritage, it’s actually a day to celebrate the American flag. (Not that there’s really much to celebrate these days.) However, today brings a serious question upon us.

Is Trump a disgrace to the American flag?

Trump, or should I say, Mr. President, boasted awfully quite a lot about his “Build-a-Wall” plans, when he first ran for President, and after he got into the Big White House. Not to long after he became President, we had a national immigration scare. Innocent people were stopped and searched when trying to return to their home country, the United States of America, or denied entry. This tore many families apart and left people seeking immediate help, as they tried to bring their loved ones home.

This land that we live on, whether you’re in New York City, or Ohio, was built by immigrants.

Yet, despite concerns posed all over this country, Trump insists on tearing this country apart. This land that we live on, whether you’re in New York City, or Ohio, was built by immigrants. (Of course, that’s after they stole this land from it’s rightful owners, but that’s another topic for another day.) Once the 13th colonies were established, those immigrants began to spread. And after the United States of America finally became a “thing”, others realized that they too could move to the U.S. for a “better life”.

People all over the world came to America to escape the horrors of their homeland.

Much like the British did, when they left Great Britain, longing to be free. So why is it that even though this “great” country was built by immigrants, our 45th President feels the need to shut them out? Despite his own wife, and possibly himself, being both immigrants. Because let’s face it, Mr. Trump isn’t Native American, so that leads me to believe that he’s obviously also an immigrant as well. Had his ancestors not moved here, he would have never been born here.

So I ask again, is Trump a disgrace to the American flag? Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts, along with a few other reasons (aside from immigration) why you think Trump is (or is not) a disgrace.