Why I Stopped Going To Asian Nails Salons

A few years ago, I started doing my nails all by myself, and I hated it! So I started going to the Asian nail salons. Eventually, I began to hate those too!

First came the wait … No matter what time I went to these nail salons, bright and early when they first opened, late at night when they were about to close, or during the week when everyone else was supposed to be at work, they always seemed to be busy! Which was weird, because they weren’t that great. Henceforth my next issue …

The service was trash!

They would pluck at my cuticles way too hard, or accidentally cut me while trying to clip my nails, and then after all that pain, they would speed through my manicure as if it was a “who could finish first” contest. Sadly enough, they weren’t just trying to get through everyone so the wait wouldn’t be an hour long. They were literally just rushing through everyone so they could do as many people as possible throughout the day.

They weren’t even paying attention to what they were supposed to be doing. My nails!

Half the time, they weren’t even paying attention to what they were supposed to be doing, my nails, as if they had already forgotten why they came to work so early in the morning! They were too busy talking to each other in their foreign language or watching TV! TV damn it! During the time they were supposed to be serving customers. So while they were cheap, and close to my home, they weren’t worth it!

Eventually I started looking for a new salon to call home. That’s when I found out about Barry’s Beauty Bar, a black owned nail salon, ran by two men, who had a wonderful staff. It was absolutely amazing! Their service was ten times better, the nail techs knew what they were doing and they actually talked to you in English. But guess what, even though there were TV’s on, they weren’t watching them 24/7.

why I stopped going to asian nail salons
Cocktails + mani & pedi at Very Polished Nail Lounge.

Eventually, they became very popular, and I could no longer stand the two-hour wait time, so I went searching for a new nail salon. That’s when I found out about a salon called Very Polished Nail Lounge, which is also a black owned, black staff establishment, with great customer service. Hell, they actually give you a complementary cocktail or drink while you do your nails. You might even get a free refill if you ask nicely, or your nail tech is nice enough to offer. (Side note: Very Polished is no longer in business.)

But do you see my new pattern now?

I gave up those cheap, nasty, Asian nail salons, for the (way more expensive), but has great customer service, black owned nail salons, and I’ve never looked back. Even when my nails are long over due, I refuse to go to an Asian nail salon! I actually haven’t visited one since. So yeah black owned nail salons are a “bit” more expensive, but the customer service alone is worth it. Not to mention their nail designs are amazing. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few examples of my own nail art, both done at black owned nail salons:

barrys beauty bar barrys beauty bar

Where do you go to do your nails?

Is it a black owned nail salon, or are you still looking for the cheapest spot possible? *insert side eye here* If you haven’t been to a black owned nail salon yet, I need you to find yourself one asap! (If you’re in NYC, try Barry’s Beauty Bar, or The Nail Belle. All different atmosphere’s but each does nails just as great as the other.) But I’m still on the look out for a new black owned nail salon to call home. Think you know the perfect spot? Leave your suggestion in a comment below and I’ll go check it out. (NYC only please.) And if you’re the owner, marketing representative or pr associate of a black owned nail salon reading this, email me at shaye@viciousquipster.com, so we can chat while we book my next appointment. Let’s work!