5 Things Black Folks No Longer Do

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are certain things that black folks no longer do, despite the fact that they’ve had to literally fight (and die) for it.

But before you start attacking me with the “I don’t do that”’s or the “not all black folks are the same” statements, let me just say this. If you haven’t taken the time to check out my about me page, and read a little about who I am, let me reassure you right here and right now … I’m black! Relax! I know not all black folks are the same. This isn’t a personal attack, hell I don’t even know you. (Which we would totally change if you’d just follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.)

Relax! I know not all black folks are the same. This isn’t a personal attack.

So I’m not saying you don’t do it, I’m just saying I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who don’t do it. (So if you take offense to this post, you’re probably one of those people who forgot what it was like years ago. It’s okay, you can’t change your past, but you can damn sure change your future.) Stay woke! Now go read something! *storms off, then calmly walks back* As I was saying, I’ve noticed that we black folks, yes including myself, don’t do some of the things that our ancestors had to fight to do, like:

Sit in the front of the bus
So you thought Rosa went to jail for you to walk past all those empty seats on the front of the bus just so you could still go sit in the god damn last row? Then act a damn fool in the back like you ain’t got no damn sense? No! Just no. Get it together! Sit in the front and act right, damn it. What’s wrong with you? Rosa didn’t die for you to say, ehhh, not feeling the front today, I’ll just, you know, sit in the back, where all the other black folks are, since you know, I won’t have to get up and give my seat to someone else, etc., etc. Ugh! Black folks also don’t …
FYI: Our ancestors weren’t allowed to read! So explain to me why, now that we are allowed to read, you still won’t pick up a damn book? Hell, read a freaking magazine! I’ve learned a lot from my Cosmo. (It’s the only magazine I actually pay for!) But Fast Company is good too! And there’s so many damn magazines out there, it’s pretty hard not to find one you like. Not to mention that newspapers are free! (Well some of them.) So please explain to me what’s your damn excuse for not reading? I’ll wait … Because if you don’t read, you probably also don’t …
But if you’re over 18, which you should be since you’re reading this blog, then you should be voting. (If you’re not 18+, I’m going to need you to quietly exit now. Thanks.) And if you’re not voting, please explain to me why. If it starts with, well our vote doesn’t count, please have several seats. How would you know if your vote counts or not if you don’t actually vote? How would we know, if there are millions of people just like you with that state of mind? If we don’t vote of course it’s not going to count! So try again! Better yet, just go sign up to vote now! See, because if you can vote, then I know for sure you can …
Speak English
I’m sowwy, but this ain’t really English. Dat ain’t propa’ partna. Yes, I do it too, but the difference with me is, I can also speak proper English, I just choose to speak in slang. (Mainly because I’m lazy and speaking proper is a lot more work. Have you tried to talk/text properly and realized how much longer it takes to get out a 20-word sentence? Praise the Almighty for short hand, slang, and “text talk”.) However, I hate hearing people speak slang, and only slang. If you can’t speak/write proper English, you shouldn’t be speaking or writing in slang. Learn the actual language first! Which is why you need to …
Go To School
I’m not going into statistics or anything on this one, because I know way too many people myself that haven’t finished HS. And clearly it’s an issue if there are commercials about it right? Right. However, the least we can do is finish HS. I don’t care how much you hate school, suck it up and get through it. Then you can do what ever you want after that! If you haven’t noticed, jobs are getting harder to come by, and people with bachelor degrees are still stuck scrambling for scraps. So imagine what it’s like for those who don’t have a HS diploma!

Need I go on? Of course not, after all, this is titled five things black folks fought for that they no longer do, for a reason right? Yet there are probably a thousand more things that we don’t do, that we should. I know you’ve probably already thought of a few more while reading this. If so, leave your list in a comment below. If not, start thinking, because just like me, you probably fall into one of the categories above, or one of the many I haven’t mentioned. It’s time that we do better! Don’t you agree? And if this blog post makes you big mad, or scream “yessss” on the inside, sound off below, and leave a comment telling me exactly how this makes you feel. Go!

Featured photo credit: www.wocintechchat.com