13 Awesome Attractions To Visit At The Panorama Festival This Friday

This Friday Solange and Frank Ocean are both performing at the Panorama Festival. But they’re not the only reason I’m excited to attend.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the Panorama Festival. I will be attending this event as press, in order to provide you with a review. However, everything you’re about to read below is 100% true, and of my own opinions. The folks at the Panorama Festival couldn’t pay me enough to make this stuff up. (Okay, I’m lying, they probably could, but still. LOL) *face palm* Just keep reading …

A few weeks ago I applied for my press pass to attend the Panorama Festival, after having an awesome time during Brooklyn’s Northside Festival. (Which you can read all about right here.) Attending the Northside Festival led to me wanting to check out all the other festivals NYC had to offer, so I had to shoot my shot for Panorama. Thankfully, the Festival Gods heard my cry, and Panorama accepted my press application. (Which is a REALLY BIG deal for me, since this blog is still kind of new. As awesome as it is.)

If the Northside Festival taught me anything this year, it’s that music festivals have way more to offer than just music.

Anywho, after being accepted, I decided to check out what Panorama had to offer, aside from Solange and Frank Ocean. (I mean no offense, because I absolutely love Frank, but if the Northside Festival taught me anything this year, it’s that music festivals have way more to offer than just music. And this girl is all about getting her money’s worth! Okay, press pass worth? I didn’t actually pay for a ticket. But you get the freaking idea. Lol)

To my surprise, I found a couple of things totally worth checking out and geeking over. So I figured I’d share them with you, just incase you change your mind and decide you want to start your weekend off early. (If so let me know so I can hook you up with a small discount, you know, because I’m nice like that. Lol Although the discount may be small, it’s something! If you wanna pay full price then you go right ahead to their website, by all means, be my guess! But I’m not about that full price life. Lol)

6 Brand Experiences To Visit At The Panorama Festival

1. The LAB

So clearly there’s a recurring theme for music festivals this year: amazing art + amazing music. Which I totally freaking love. That’s why I’m secretly screaming on the inside every time I think about visiting The LAB during the Panorama Festival.

What does it entail? Well according to Panorama, The LAB, which is powered by HP, is “an interactive experience that combines technology, artistry, and design, created exclusively by New York City-based artists.” It’ll be at the heart of the festival and include six interactive installations and a massive 360-degree virtual reality theater. I can’t freaking wait! (FYI: VR is the shit, I’m not going to lie. I got a small taste of it during my night with Jack Daniel’s at their House No 7 Hotel event and I loved it.)

For more info about the LAB, visit: www.panorama.nyc/the-lab/.

2. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Panorama Festival

Now I have absolutely no clue what Barefoot Wine is going to be doing at the festival. But I get the feeling it has something to do with their “wine in a can” featured in the photo above, so I’m excited. If they’re handing out free cans, even better. I totally need to taste at least two of these. Lol

I don’t know about you, but I’m over Budweisers “Ritas”. Every flavor I try is just absolutely disgusting. (I mean it’s clearly because I hate beer, but still.) I’m ready for a new adult can beverage to enjoy this summer.

I’ll let you know how this goes via Snapchat on Friday! So make sure you follow me at @viciousquipster. (If you leave a comment below telling me which experience you’d like more information on when I attend on Friday, and your username, I’ll follow you back.)

3. Beauty Together With SEPHORA

Panorama Festival

You can’t tell me I’m the only one excited about this. I’m not even a big make up fan! (My little sister – she’s 18 now, wears more makeup than I do.) But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a free beauty experience, right? “The SEPHORA experience is complimentary for all festival pass holders!” So VIP, press, or not, if you’ve got a festival pass, you’re going to want to head to this tent during the festival.

FYI: it’s not just any ol’ tent either, it’s an air-conditioned, wifi-enabled tent! Did you hear me? AN AIR CONDITIONED, WIFI-ENABLED TENT! Forget the Beauty + Braid Bar and Mask Lounge. I’m heading here just for the AC. Lol

4. Macy’s Pool Party

Panorama Festival

Okay, so I keep seeing photos all over Instagram from Target’s Pool Party (which I believe is how they’re advertising their summer products via influencers), and I’ve been jealous ever since. So guess who’s popping up at Macy’s Pool Party like a boss on Friday? Yup! This girl! There’s no real pool unfortunately. But there will be a ball pit and a “poolside” lounge. So I plan on resting my feet here, while I enter a few giveaways.

5. Think Twice Drink Twice Cold Water Refills

Panorama Festival

So I’m not going to lie, when I read that you could only bring in one bottle of water into the festival, I was pretty darn upset. My first thought was, “great I’m going to die … or spend a ton of money on Friday”. But boy did I laugh when I saw this vendor!

Think Twice Drink Twice will have a few water refill stations all over the festival grounds so attendees can fill up their water bottles for free! I absolutely love this, and honestly I hope they vendor at a few other festivals this summer, because it’s been really hot lately. For more info on Think Twice Drink Twice and how they can help you cut down on your plastic consumption this summer visit, www.thinktwicedrinktwice.org.

6. Glenfiddich Experimental Dome

Panorama Festival

I’ve been dying for another whisky tasting since I spent a night with Jack Daniels at the House No 7 event a few weeks ago. So I guess I’m finally getting what I wished for! I don’t really know much about this attraction, aside from the fact that we’ll be tasting sample cocktails. But I’m definitely interested in any of kind of whisky tasting there is, so this should be great.

7 Food Vendors I’m Dying To Try At The Panorama Festival

7. Big Mozz

Panorama Festival

I love mozzarella sticks, so I’m dying to try these! Their Instagram makes these Mozz Sticks look amazing! I can’t freaking wait. I’m getting hungry just looking at this photo!

8. Eggloo

Panorama Festival

I learned about Eggloo months ago but I still haven’t had the pleasure of actually tasting it. So I’m psyched! OMG, I just noticed those yogurt sticks in the ice cream! The first time I had one was in JHS. I remember my friend offering me one, and me telling her how “Asians always have the best snacks”. LOL (It’s true too. I confirmed this in HS. Ugh!)

9. El Paso

Panorama Festival

They had me at Mexican food. But this shrimp taco pictured above looks amazing! (Minus the onions.) If that’s on the menu, I’m getting one! (And then one more to go. Lol)

10. Excell Kingston Eatery

Panorama Festival

If all else fails on Friday, I can default to Jamaican food. Lol (No seriously, I’m such a picky eater! I’m always worried that I’m not going to like something.) But since my parents are Caribbean I eat this stuff almost every day, so at least I know I won’t starve!

11. Melt Bakery 

Panorama Festival

Ice cream sandwiches are my favorite! So this should be freaking good. (I have no clue if I’m going to be able to stomach all of these sweets in one day, or if I’m going to be able to afford it all. But I’m sure as hell going to try. Lol)

12. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream

Panorama Festival

My students at work introduced me to fried Oreos this year, since it was one of their creations for cooking class. So I’m pretty excited to finally try fried ice cream next!

13. Two Guys Chicken And Fries

Panorama Festival

I’m going for their cool name, but I’m totally staying for the fries! (I seriously don’t know if I’m going to be able to eat all of this stuff in one day. Should I bring a container? Is that even allowed? No seriously you guys! Lol Maybe I can talk to some of these vendors about visiting one day in case I can’t eat it all on Friday? Sigh!)

There’s a ton more food vendors and attractions I’m really interested in checking out on Friday. But if I listed them all, you’d be reading this post until Friday. Lol Instead, you can just visit: www.panorama.nyc, to see what else the Panorama Festival has to offer.

Here’s a quick reminder to follow me on snapchat (@viciousquipster) for live photo and video updates on Friday during the Panorama Festival. And if you leave a comment below telling me what attraction you’d like me to share more info on during the festival, along with your snapchat username, I’ll follow you back! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends using the buttons below as well.

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